Top 5 NGO Scholarships in Nigeria

JIM Ovia Scholars Program

If you are looking for scholarship opportunities as a Nigerian student, NGO scholarships should also be on your mind. Non-Governmental Organization aims to help student continue their academics through the scholarship they offer. Once you know the NGO program to apply to and you meet all the requirements, you stand a chance of being considered … Read more

Top Undergraduate Scholarships in Nigeria

Top Undergraduate Scholarships in Nigeria

In Nigeria, there are many scholarships for students to get help with paying for college. Some are based on merit, and others require a certain number of financial donations. Today will be talking about the Top Undergraduate Scholarships in Nigeria that you can get in Nigeria so that you can start your education on the … Read more

Booth University College, Canada (Programs , Admission Process And Fully Funded Scholarships)

booth university college

Indeed! If you want to learn more about scholarships/awards and bursaries at Booth University College in Canada, you’ve come to the right place. Today we will be giving you full info on the overview of the college, the procedure of application, scholarships, awards, and admission among others. Continue reading for the full details. Booth University … Read more