Waterloo international masters award of excellence Fees, Programs and Scholarships

The waterloo international master’s award of excellence is a fully funded scholarship for international students for a period of 5 to 6 semesters. Waterloo University is currently ranked #7 top university in Canada and #173 globally and has made the list of the top 10 best research universities in Canada.


The Waterloo university international master’s award of excellence scholarship is worth two thousand five hundred united state dollars per semester ($2500), paid for a period of five to six semesters. The Waterloo international masters award of excellence scholarships are usually given out to international students who meet this criterion below.


  • International students who are keen to join a research-based program in Canada at Waterloo University.
  • International Students who demonstrate excellence in their past academic history.
  • International students who meet the grades requirement of the program they apply for.


Who Awards Waterloo University’s international Master of Excellence scholarship?


International students can meet the basic set requirement yet still not be awarded the university of Waterloo master of excellent scholarship as respective Faculties at the Waterloo universities often impose strict eligibility standards as the Waterloo international master’s award of excellence scholarship is awarded to international students who are eligible by respective faculties at waterloo university. International students who apply for the scholarship are nominated based on the faculty award allocation given out by the university board to the faculty.


University of Waterloo Ph.D. programs


The University of waterloo originated to be very different from all, offering over 70+ innovative Ph.D. programs and masters across so many relevant and irrelevant programs. Here is a comprehensive list of Ph.D. programs offered at Waterloo University.

  • Ph.D. offered in Actuarial science
  • Ph.D. offered in Accounting
  • Ph.D. offered in Anthropology
  • Ph.D. offered in Applied Maths
  • Ph.D. offered in Aeronautics
  • Ph.D. offered in Quantum Information
  • Ph.D. offered in Biology (MSc and Ph.D.)
  • Ph.D. offered in Biostatistics
  • Ph.D. offered in Business Entrepreneurship and Technology
  • Ph.D. offered in Catholic Thought
  • Ph.D. offered in Chemical Engineering ( all different branches)
  • Ph.D. offered in Civil Engineering( all different branches)
  • Ph.D. offered in classical studies
  • Ph.D. offered in climate change
  • Ph.D. offered in climate risk management
  • Ph.D. offered in combinatorics and optimization
  • Ph.D. offered in computer science ( all different branches)
  • Ph.D. offered in data science
  • Ph.D. offered in artificial intelligence
  • Ph.D. offered in development practice
  • Ph.D. offered in digital experience innovation
  • Ph.D. offered in Earth science
  • Ph.D. offered in economic development and innovation
  • Ph.D. offered in economics
  • Ph.D. offered in Electrical power Engineering
  • Ph.D. offered in computer engineering
  • Ph.D. offered in English
  • Ph.D. offered in fine arts
  • Ph.D. offered in French studies
  • Ph.D. offered in Geography
  • Ph.D. offered in German
  • Ph.D. offered in Global Governance
  • Ph.D. offered in Health Evaluation
  • Ph.D. offered in Health informative
  • Ph.D. offered in History
  • Ph.D. offered in kinesiology
  • Ph.D. offered in management science
  • Ph.D. offered in maths for teachers
  • Ph.D. offered in Nanotechnology
  • Ph.D. offered in mechatronics
  • Ph.D. offered in mechanical engineering
  • Ph.D. offered in mechatronics and mechanical engineering
  • Ph.D. offered in peace and conflict studies
  • Ph.D. offered in pharmacy
  • Ph.D. offered in philosophy
  • Ph.D. offered in physics
  • Ph.D. offered in planning
  • Ph.D. offered in political science
  • Ph.D. offered in psychology
  • Ph.D. offered in public Health
  • Ph.D. offered in public health science
  • Ph.D. offered in public service
  • Ph.D. offered in pure mathematics
  • Ph.D. offered in Quantitative Finance
  • Ph.D. offered in recreation and leisure
  • Ph.D. offered in ecology
  • Ph.D. offered in religious studies
  • Ph.D. offered in social and ecological sustainability
  • Ph.D. offered in social and legal studies
  • Ph.D. offered in social work
  • Ph.D. offered in sociology
  • Ph.D. offered in statistics
  • Ph.D. offered in mathematics and statistics
  • Ph.D. offered in sustainability management
  • Ph.D. offered in system design engineering
  • Ph.D. offered in Taxation
  • Ph.D. offered in Theological studies
  • Ph.D. offered in vision science
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All these programs are offered in graduate and postdoctoral.


University of Waterloo master’s fee for international students


It’s essentially and very vital for every International student to know beforehand the wide range of opportunities placed ahead before applying for graduate studies and the standard of living of the country the student wishes to study. This is a factor every international student needs to consider when considering a study destination to know if the environment is friendly and meets the student’s needs.


This article will present before you all you need to know about Master at the waterloo university Canada. First, we will take you through the cost of living at the University of Waterloo for your and then tuition fees.


Cost of living at the University of Waterloo


The cost of living at Waterloo University in Canada is expensive. Housing coupled with housing utilities for a single student would be estimated to be about $500 to $800 per month. Personal expenses as a new international student are $200+ per month, along with food and groceries estimated to be over $200 per month. International students are expected to budget spending

$4000 to $6000 simply ok the cost of living as a student at the University of Waterloo.


 Master’s fee for international students


The master’s fee at the University of Waterloo is paid per semester, and the tuition fee often changes per semester. The master’s tuition fee also varies depending on the program the student wishes to undertake at the University. Tuition fee range from $7000 per semester to $22000 at the University of Waterloo, Canada. Access more elaborate tuition fee updates on various master’s programs through the University of Waterloo finance office as tuition fee changes per anum.

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You can check out waterloo official webiste for more info




This article is seasoned with all the elaborate details you need to acknowledge about The University of Waterloo master award of excellence. See you again in our next article, and thank you for reading to this point. We are eager to hear from you in the comment section and are very keen to help you. Success in your new endeavor to study at the University of Waterloo, Canada. Stay blessed, and see you again.