Athabasca University Graduate Programs In Canada (How To Apply To Scholarships And Universities In Canada Without application fees)

In today’s article, we will be talking about the Athabasca University graduate program, how to apply to Canadian universities without application fees and also their scholarships, and their acceptance rate, this article will be helpful and useful for students who are planning to study at this university, everything you need to know about this Athabasca University some other universities in Canada will be stated in this article.

Athabasca University was established in 1970 by the Alberta government to expand the higher education institution to the level of greatest. This university is a Canadian public research university that operates primarily with online distance education, this university is the first Canadian university that has to specialize in distance education learning.

We will first discuss 5 universities in Canada without application fee:

5 Universities in Canada that Don’t Require an Application Fee with Scholarships

Canada is celebrated for its high educational standards and diverse student body. In an effort to make higher education more accessible, several Canadian universities have eliminated application fees and offer substantial scholarships. This initiative significantly reduces financial barriers, making Canadian universities a top choice for international students. This article explores five such institutions, providing essential details like deadlines, tuition fees, scholarships, admission requirements, and more.

University of Calgary

Overview: The University of Calgary is a leading research university located in Alberta. Known for its vibrant campus and innovative programs, it attracts students from all over the globe.
Application Fee: No application fee during promotional periods.
Admissions Requirements: Includes transcripts, proof of language proficiency, and a personal statement. Tuition Fees: Approx. CAD 20,000 – CAD 25,000 per year for international students.
Scholarships: The University offers the International Entrance Scholarship, which can cover up to 60% of tuition fees for outstanding international students.
Eligibility: Must meet academic and language requirements; scholarship eligibility may require additional academic excellence.
Acceptance Rate: Approximately 20% for competitive programs.
Deadlines: Application deadlines are typically in March for the September intake.

Royal Roads University

Overview: Located in Victoria, British Columbia, Royal Roads University is known for its applied and professional programs tailored to both national and international students.
Application Fee: No application fee for any student.
Admissions Requirements: Varies by program but generally includes transcripts, a resume, and a personal statement.
Tuition Fees: Ranges from CAD 16,000 to CAD 29,000 annually for international students.
Scholarships: Offers the President’s Scholarship for Community Leadership worth up to CAD 10,000. Eligibility: Academic excellence and demonstrated leadership skills.
Acceptance Rate: About 50%.
Deadlines: Most programs have rolling admissions; specific scholarship deadlines in early February.

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Quest University

Overview: Quest University provides a unique liberal arts and sciences education with a focus on experiential learning.
Application Fee: None.
Admissions Requirements: Requires high school transcripts, two references, and reflective essays.
Tuition Fees: Approximately CAD 35,000 per academic year for international students.
Scholarships: Offers the Quest Scholars Program, which covers up to 100% of tuition fees based on academic merit and financial need.
Eligibility: High academic achievers and financial need.
Acceptance Rate: About 60%.
Deadlines: Applications must be submitted by January for September intake; scholarships have the same deadline.

University of Winnipeg

Overview: This university is celebrated for its community involvement and strong liberal arts programs. Application Fee: Waived for international students who apply by certain promotional deadlines.
Admissions Requirements: High school diploma, language proficiency, and specific program prerequisites. Tuition Fees: Around CAD 15,000 per year for most undergraduate programs.
Scholarships: The President’s Scholarship for World Leaders is available for international students, offering up to CAD 5,000.
Eligibility: Leadership qualities and academic achievements.
Acceptance Rate: Approximately 75%.
Deadlines: Scholarship applications close on March 1st; admission deadlines vary by faculty.

Mount Allison University

Overview: Known for its small class sizes and strong focus on undergraduate studies, Mount Allison is located in New Brunswick.
Application Fee: No application fee.
Admissions Requirements: Secondary school graduation certificate, grade transcripts, and a personal statement.
Tuition Fees: Typically around CAD 18,000 annually for international students.
Scholarships: The Bell Achievement Award recognizes students for their community involvement and academic excellence, providing up to full tuition.
Eligibility: Demonstrated leadership and high academic standing.
Acceptance Rate: 70%.
Deadlines: Applications are due by March 1st for the fall semester; scholarships often have the same deadline.

How To Apply For Athabasca University Graduate Program

This is the method that can be used or passed through to apply for Athabasca University, here are the methods that can be used or followed:

  1. Send In Your Application To Be An Athabasca University Graduate: As a candidate, you need to apply to be an AU graduate learner first before you can now apply for your choice of course, and to complete your graduate program application you need to go through the Athabasca university office of registration online to receive your student ID number which will be needed when you are applying for your choice of program.
  2. Payment For The Application Fee: This application fee is non-refunded, so as a graduate learner you need to pay this fee.
  3. Apply For Your Specific Program: After receiving your ID number as a student and you have paid for the application fee, you can now login into your myAU account to start the processing of the application degree.
    Candidates will have to complete their application program by using the Faculty of Health Disciplines Graduate students Admission system (GSAS).You will have to provide this information as part of the application process;
  • Candidates academic background
  • Your working experience
  • Any professional development activities
  • An important reason for applying to the program and other necessary information.
  • A letter of reference( Three official reference letters)
  • Submission Of Required Hard-copy Materials: You have to submit all the hard-copy information which you have complied with all the necessary materials and the hard-copy material will be sent to; Graduate Programs ,Faculty of Health Disciplines, Athabasca University, 1 University Drive and Athabasca, AB T9S 3A3
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Hardcopy Materials That Are Required

  • Before being considered officially, your transcripts in the package must be sealed and must be received in an envelope, and endorsed by the issuing institution.
  • You don’t have to include a transcript from high school.
  • The transcript must state the degree that is awarded and it must be dated within one year of the application deadline given.
  • The official transcript must be directly issued to you.
  • You Can Now Track Your Application Status: After all the processing you can now track your application status online and do everything needed.

Acceptance Rate For Athabasca University

Athabasca University has proudly registered over 40, 000 scholars and 7,800 full-time students in the past years, this has made their academic establishment one of the best in Canada universities. Many students from 87 countries and Canada can be registered in this institution. The acceptance rate for Athabasca University is 75%, which is why it is a bit difficult to gain admission into this school because of their acceptance rate, it is possible to meet their requirements but what about their acceptance rate?

The Athabasca university is very easy for all students to apply and it does not have any deadline, you can send in your application any time, any month of your choice throughout the whole year.

Requirements For Athabasca University

As a candidate that wants to apply for Athabasca university, you have to meet up with their requirements which will be stated below this article, every institution has requirements that are expected to be met by their participants which include:

  • An application fee of CAD115 is required to be paid by the participants.
  • It is compulsory for a completed online application.
  • All candidates must not be below 16 years old
  • The candidate will have to write a statement of purpose to the Canadian government
  • Photocopy of passport
  • Letter of recommendation (LOR) for the Canadian government
  • Excellent test grades in the English language
  • It is mandatory for a candidate previous institution to send an official transcript directly to the Athabasca university or can be uploaded through the ApplyAlberta system.
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In conclusion, we were able to break down the Athabasca University graduate programs, and we have talked about how to apply for these programs, in this article the university requirement is also stated as their acceptance rate which is 75% and because of this rate it can be difficult to get admission but if you know you can afford it and you have met up with all the requirements, you are free to apply and don’t forget they also pay for application fees.

Thank you for reading, you can drop your questions and inquiries in the comment section.