The University Of Ottawa Scholarship 2024 (How To Apply, Acceptance Fee, Requirements, And a Lot More)

Welcome to today’s article where we will discuss the University of Ottawa scholarship, how to apply to this school, their requirements, what their acceptance fee is, and everything we need to know about the university of Ottawa.

About the University Of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa was founded in 1848 and the institution is a public research in Ottawa, Canada. This university is offering both fully funded scholarships and partially funded scholarships, Canada is known as a country that takes education so important, so if you are a student that is looking for a scholarship in Canada, you can easily apply to the University of Ottawa because Ottawa gives scholarship to over 150 countries international students yearly.

The University of Ottawa is an institution that is offering degree programs to both undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D. degrees to all international students and Canadian students, they are ranked the 279th world best in the whole world and ranked 11th in Canada. The duration for an undergraduate degree scholarship is four (4) years and for a master’s is two(2) years, and for the Ph.D. degree is four(4) years, the university also has fully funded scholarships that is also eligible for all international students.

Requirements For the University Of Ottawa

We should be aware that every institution has its rules and regulation that one needs to abide by before one is admitted to the school, here we will be stating the requirements for undergraduates, masters, and Ph.D. degree holders and also how to apply for the scholarship.

Requirement For Undergraduate

  • Candidate’s secondary school transcripts
  • Participant Grade Point Average (GPA) must be above 3.05
  • You must be very excellent in the English language
  • Candidate must also pass the French test which will be given by the authority
  • You must be able to state your purpose (Statement of purpose)
  • Candidates are supposed to have a letter of recommendation
  • It is important you go through the audition process.
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It is very necessary for international students that would like to apply for an undergraduate degree program in this school to carefully check out the country requirement with the school requirement so you can balance the two requirements.

To apply for this program you have to visit the application portal where you can fill in everything that is needed, Go through the  Applying for scholarships and awards section on the official website to start  application. The candidate will receive an email of confirmation after applying for admission, this might take up to one week or so.

Acceptance/Application Fees: For undergraduate students, the acceptance fee is 90 CAD.

Requirements For Graduates

As a graduate and you want to continue your educational career at Ottawa University, here are the requirements you need to meet up with before planning to send in your application:

  • Candidate must have his/her four (4) years bachelor’s degree with outstanding grades of at least 70% in 20 courses
  • Participants will have to be excellent in the English language.

  • As a candidate, you must pass the French test which will be given to you
  • Must have a letter of recommendation
  • Also, you need to have a letter of intent.
  • Your curriculum vitae will be required too.


To apply for the graduate degree program you will have to also visit the portal where you will be asked a few questions to fill in.  You can visit the Applying for scholarships and awards section on the official website

Acceptance/Application Fees: For graduate and doctoral degree holders the acceptance fee is 110 CAD.

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Scholarships And Benefits For Undergraduate In the University Of Ottawa.

There are a lot of benefits for undergraduates that gain admission to the university of Ottawa and for those that get scholarships into the university, here are a few benefits for undergraduates of the University of Ottawa;

  • As a new student that is entering the university for the first time is possible for you to get a scholarship that is worth $1000 to $4000 as a fresher in the school.
  • As an international student, a scholarship that is worth $30,000 is available for you all.
  • International students for chancellors scholarship, the value for this scholarship is $26,000 which is $6,500 yearly.
  • The faculty of arts has merits of scholarship which value is worth $4,000 which is $1000 yearly.
  • Every full-time term $1000 is given to the student which is also a part of the merit scholarships.

Study Fields

The University Of Ottawa has eligible fields for students which include; Medicine, Arts, Engineering, Health Sciences, Science, Civil law, Social science, Common-law, Education, and Management.

Deadlines Date: The deadline date for the undergraduate program is on the 1st of April, 2023 while the graduate degree program deadline is October 2023.


In conclusion, we have made a summary of the University of Ottawa scholarship 2023,  we have also talked about the requirements for both undergraduate and graduate degree holders, and to apply you have to visit their official portal which the link has been shared with you in this article. You can apply to this university as an international student but you have to meet up with their requirements.

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Thank you for reading, you can drop your question in the comment section I will be attending to them all.