February 20, 2024
Nova Scotia Community College

With the cost of college education on the rise and the competition for scholarships increasing, it’s never been a better time to look into how you can get a scholarship in order to help you further your studies. Nova Scotia Community College scholarship should be on your mind if you intend to study in one of the best colleges in Canada without having to spend much. Today i will explains everything you should know about Nova Scotia Community College Scholarships , Criteria, Scholarships, fees and how to apply.


About Nova Scotia Community College


As the Nova Scotia Community College is a college in Nova Scotia, Canada, and was founded in 1996. It comprises 14 campuses and three different community learning centers. NSC, as it is known for short, offers students over 130 programs in five different academic schools of study, namely;


  • Health and Human Services
  • Access
  • Business and Creative Industries
  • Education and Language
  • Technology and Environment.


They offer students both full-time and part-time studies. Within a year, NSC educates over 20,000 students in any of the academic schools of their choice, with up to 11,000 students enrolled in a full-time program.



Nova Scotia Community College Scholarship Criteria


The Nova Scotia, Community College scholarships, are given to students based on some criteria listed below;


  • Outstanding Academics
  • Financial Need
  • Career Interests
  • Demonstrated Leadership
  • Volunteer Experience.


Type of Financial Assistance Nova Scotia Community College offers.


High school entrance awards: This award recognizes students who have an outstanding results to further their diploma or certificate program at Nova Scotia Community College. Students considered for this award have to finish their high school at Nova Scotia High school. If you are awarded this scholarship, your first-year fees will be taken care of by the scholarship.

Scholarship, Bursaries, and Awards: These awards are given to students based on certain criteria they have to pass. If given this award, your tuition fee, equipment, and tools for school will be taken care of. In some cases, this award also covers your living expenses.

Sponsor a Student Award: This award is offered to students through a sponsor. The sponsors determine what the award covers. It can be financial support or instant employment after graduation, or learning opportunities.

Urgent aid: As the name implies, this award is basically for those who are in need of urgent financial assistance. Students whose ability to finish their studies is affected due to funds are considered for this award.

African Canadian Emergency Fund: This award is created to assist international students financially.


Nova Scotia Community College Scholarships


Nova Scotia Community College offers students scholarship awards to support them in furthering their education every year. Over $3 million is given in coverage. The awards given differs, i.e., there are awards specific to the year of study, campus, or program. Some of these scholarship awards are given to both new and old students.


Nova Scotia Community College Programs


NSC offers its students over 130 programs in five different academic schools of study. They include;



Health and Human Services


Construction, Transportation, Technology, Natural Resources, Manufacturing, and Energy


International Business, Human Resource Management, Tourism & Culinary, Public Relations, Applied Business Technology,Business Administration, and Entrepreneurship.


Applied Communication Arts, Graphic and Print Production, Graphic Design, Photography, Radio & Television Arts, Writing for Publication, Information Technology, and Cartography.


Digital Mapping, Planning: Land Information Technology, and Geomatics Programming



Nova Scotia Community College Scholarship Fees


To see the fees you will pay when enrolled as a student in NSCC, goto NSCC Tuition, fees and costs page to  for details . Both national and international students can get the exact fee to pay.


Nova Scotia Community College Scholarship Deadline


To be considered for the Nova Scotia Community College Scholarship, you need to apply before May 1, 2023, as that is the deadline for the application so as to join the September batch. In order to join the January batch, you have to apply before August 1, 2023.

How to Apply for Nova Scotia Community College Scholarship.


There are two different procedures for applying for the Nova Scotia Community College Scholarship. The first one is for students currently enrolled in NSCC, while the second is for those who intend on gaining admission to NSCC.


  1. How to Apply for Nova Scotia Community College Scholarship – Current Students


  • Log into the NSCC Student Award portal and fill in your General Application.
  • Ensure you fill in all detail (even those stated to be optional, as it might give you an edge over others.)
  • The award you will be considered for depends on the information you wrote while applying.
  • Some of the awards won’t require you to submit any other details as the school already have your information.
  • After applying, your documents will be reviewed, and you will be notified if you were selected.


  1. How to Apply for Nova Scotia Community College Scholarship New Students


There are different scholarship programs for students who want to further their studies at Nova Scotia Community College. Click the link below to see them and also how you can apply for them.

Visit NSCC Awards for prospective students to get started




Nova Scotia Community College offers different scholarships to students who are interested in studying at the college. To be eligible for a scholarship, you must meet certain requirements and submit an application. If you are interested in applying for a Nova Scotia Community College scholarship, be sure to go through this article and the criteria listed above. You might be surprised to see just how many scholarships are available to students who want to attend NSCC!


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