Canada Student Visa Requirement (How to apply, processing time, documents, and others)

We will be discussing Canada student visa requirements, how to apply, the processing time, documents, and other things about it.

While applying for the student visa, candidates must have some potential documents which we are going to be stating and explaining to you all so we can understand everything about student visas before applying for them.

The student visa is an authorized permit given to a candidate that allows them to study in Canada or any country they want to.

Canada Student Visa Requirement

Students must have some essential documents before applying for the visa which include:

  • Acceptance letter from designed learning institute (DLI)
  • Passport of the candidates
  • Medical report
  • English language must be excellent
  • Statement of purpose

Canada Student Visa Application

Canada student visa can be applied for both online or apply on paper we will be explaining how to apply with these methods to you all.

Application Online: Candidates are required to visit the VFS office to drop off their passports, before applying online participants need to have access to a camera that makes electronic copies of a document for uploading and also to have a valid credit card for payment made. Candidates will be required to finger scan at the regional visa application center (VAC). Also, the candidate will provide the confirmation of the form and make payment.

Application On Paper: Candidates will have to download the application kit and will read the information guide. The information guide includes important information about the study permit and guidance that will help the candidates to complete their application. Make sure you read the manual very well and use the document checklist.
We have just two conditions that can allow you to apply on paper:

  • Candidates that have disabilities that can prevent you from applying online.
  • Candidates that hold an identity.
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Payment For The Processing Fee: Candidates should be aware that when submitting their application through Visa Facilitation Service (VFS) by mail or in person visa fees payment must be made in addition to (VFS) Global charges. Note the processing fee is non-refundable.

Submit Your Supporting Document And Application: Participants have to visit the nearby Visa Facilitation Services Global office to make payment of their services charge and give them your complete application to collect a receipt. The receipt includes your tracking number which will be used to track the processing of your application.

Canadian Student Visa Requirement For International Students

There are several requirements that are expected from an international student beforeĀ  applying for a student visa these include:

  • Candidates must have enrolled in Designated Learning Institution (DLI).
  • It must be proven to the management that you can provide enough money for tuition fees, return transportation, and living expenses.
  • Participants must not have any criminal records and must obey the law.
  • Students must run a medical exam and be in very good health condition.
  • There must prove to show an officer that you have to leave Canada immediately after your permit expires.

Canada Student Visa Checklist

Candidates should get the college acceptance letter from DLI before applying for a student visa. Here are the documents that are needed before applying for a student visa:

  • Participants must have valid passports.
  • Acceptance letters from the designated learning institution (DLI) must be proven.
  • Proofs of enough funds for tuition fees, living expenses, and many more.
  • Two passport-size photographs.
  • Students must run a compulsory Immigration Medical Examination (IME).
  • It is recommended that students get excellent English language scores on their exams.
  • Candidates are required to write an essay that will be stating their purpose.\
  • Participants will be required to use their credit cards for payment online.
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Canada Student Visa Processing Time

Canadian government states that it might take 14 weeks before a candidate’s study permit application can be processed. It takes some months to receive your study permit as a student. Also, it is advisable for candidates to start application processing 3 to 6 months before leaving for Canada.

Canada Student Visa Cost

A Canadian student visa costs CAD$150. This cost is a standard application fee for all study permits application. More so, candidates will have to pay for the biometrics fee which is CAD$85. This fee covers up to fingerprints and photograph that was taken by the Canadian government.


In conclusion, everything that is to be known about Canada student visa requirements has been covered up. Candidates should really take note of the requirements that were given and how to apply the two methods that were stated. The processing is simple and easy as far as we can follow the requirement. The processing time can take up to six months so we just need to exercise patience.

I hope this article can be helpful for worried candidates, you can drop your comment in the comment section. Thank you.