Australia Vs Canada Economy Which One Is The Best (Cost of Living, Education, And Others)

Many people will be debating between Australia vs Canada economies which one is the best in cost of living, education, immigration, and other things, but not to worry in this article we will be discussing all of these things mentioned which will make us know which one is the best economy and why.

Choosing between Australia and Canada can be a little tough because these two countries are best in whatever they do and they are part of the best country in the world. We are going to compare these two countries to know which one is the best.

Australia Vs Canada Cost Of Living

We will be comparing Australia vs Canada’s cost of living so we can know which one is lesser.

  • The cost of living for one person in Australia is $2104 while in Canada is $1826
  • The cost of living for a family in Canada is $4195 and in Australia is $4880
  • The rent price for a family in Canada is $1808 in Australia is $1925
  • Rent for a person in Australia is $1199 and in Canada is $1071
  • Food expenses in Australia are $532 while in Canada are $511
  • Transportation expenses in Australia are $233 in Canada $125
  • Monthly salary after tax in Australia is $3773 while in Canada is $3120
  • Gross Domestic Profit(GDP) per capita in Australia is $60443 in Canada is $51998
  • The education rate in Australia is 98% while in Canada is 99%
  • Quality of life in Canada is 91% while in Australia is 93%
  • English speaking in Australia is 92.8% while in Canada is 82.1%
  • Life expectancy in Australia is 83.2% in Canada is 81.7%
  • The population in Australia is 24.5 million while in Canada is 37 million.
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Australia Or Canada Which Is Better For Immigration

Here are a few differences between Canadian and Australian immigration:

  • Canada is flexible when it comes to immigration policies while Australia has access to Zealand
  • Canada is good in the labor market and Australia is good at public education
  • Australia has a higher cost of accommodation while Canada has a lesser cost of accommodation
  • Australia pays workers higher but it can be difficult to get a job there in Canada, there are more job opportunities there with good pay.
  • The cost of living is very expensive in Australia that Canada
  • Canadian and Australian government is known to give free education to children above 18 but in Australia, free education is only given to permanent residents and their citizens.
  • Permanent residents are given free health care in Canada also in Australia you have to be a permanent resident before you can have access to medicare.
  • Canada and Australia have similar policies when it comes to getting citizenship which you have to stay for 3 years in the country before you can start to process a citizenship card.
  • Canada has a low-interest rate while the interest rate in Australia is higher

Australia Vs Canada Minimum Wage

The minimum wage in Australia from 2014 is a federal minimum of $16.87 and in Canada, it varies from can$9.95 per hour to Can $11 per hour.

Pros And Cons Of Living In Australia Vs Canada

We will be checking out the pros and cons of these two countries which are going to allow us to know the one to choose If we want to relocate to any of these countries.

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Pros Of Living In Australia

  • High rate of a standard of living
  • Warm and beautiful weather
  • Good pay for workers
  • Best quality in education
  • Good healthcare services
  • A lot of visas option
  • Many adventure places to tour
  • Good and friendly people
  • A best and strong economy
  • Getting citizenship is easy and fast.


  • Expensive cost of living
  • Bush fires during dry seasons
  • Getting a job can be very competitive
  • High tax rate
  • Health care which is private is expensive
  • Cars/vehicle is quite costly
  • Fixed racism
  • Higher housing price

Pros Of Living In Canada

  • Good labor market
  • Free/affordable public education
  • Many natural resources
  • A lot of job opportunities
  • Great healthcare services
  • Lower crime rate
  • It is good for both foreigners and the locals
  • Become a citizen is easy
  • Vehicles/cars are not expensive to get
  • Simple PR system


  • Harsh climate condition
  • Large government control
  • The rate of taxes is high
  • The exchange rate can be sometimes unfavorable
  • To live in a city can be quite expensive
  • Houses are expensive in the bigger area
  • Challenging can occur immigration process


In conclusion, we are able to clarify Australia vs Canada’s economy which one is the best among the two and we have talked about the two country cost of living. Now we can easily pick the best between Australia and Canada. Thank you for reading, kindly drop your comment in the comment section.