Saskatchewan Polytechnic Canada (Scholarships, awards, and Acceptance Rate)

Saskatchewan Polytechnic Canada is leading as the best polytechnic all across the globe. The Saskatchewan Polytechnic is located in saskatoon Canada and was founded in the year 1959. The Saskatchewan Polytechnic in the year 2022 made its name among the top 50 best researched based educational institutions in Canada and later received a top rank in researched based college and was awarded the best-completed research project. The Saskatchewan Polytechnic offers over 65 degree programs which are both available for domestic students and international students to partake in industry training programs abroad.

Canadian citizens and international students are usually advised by the school authority to apply for the programs of the desired study at the Saskatchewan polytechnic on or before  February 15 which is the end date for international students before the beginning of registration for domestic students.


The campus at Saskatchewan Polytechnic Canada

The Saskatchewan Polytechnic is a compromise of four campuses which are;

  • Moose jaw campus

The moose jaw campus is located in the fourth largest city in Saskatchewan and possesses a population of over 33000 people.

  • Prince Albert campus

The Prince Albert campus is usually the preferred choice for Saskatchewan northern students and is located near Prince Albert, SK, Canada

  • Regina campus

The Regina campus is located at the ancestral land of nêhiyawak and a good cool place where over 50000 people reside and known for excellence in teaching and research same as its sister existing campuses.

  • Saskatoon campus

Saskatoon is, without doubt, the biggest city in Saskatchewan with over 250000 people residing in the city with lots of amenities in existence on the campus. The Saskatoon campus has shopping malls,  stores, recreation complexes, movies, cinemas, health care facilities, parks, and more. It has everything a student will desire in any school environment and the made Saskatoon the biggest campus among all four campuses.

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Programs offered at the university of Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Here is a list of faculty available at the Saskatchewan polytechnic Canada for domestic and international students.

  • Admission to Social science
  • Admission to Humanities studies
  • Admission to Business and management
  • Admission to Engineering and technology
  • Admission to Applied science

This are the list of faculty available at the University of Saskatchewan polytechnic institute.


Saskatchewan Polytechnic scholarship awards.

The Saskatchewan polytechnic is recognized for academic excellence and achievement. Yearly the Saskatchewan polytechnic awards scholarship to thousand of students worth over 2 million dollars. This scholarship is available to Canadian citizens and international students. This scholarship is awarded to students who need to be awarded for their hard work, and financial assistance. The Saskatchewan polytechnic scholarships award is valued at 1000$ per student and over 1300 international students are awarded the scholarship for 1-2 years.

Here is a comprehensive list of scholarships available at the Saskatchewan polytechnic institute

  • Saskatoon campus basic education student leadership award
  • Saskatoon campus basic education scholarship award
  • John stratychuk award
  • John Norris award
  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic student innovation and student outstanding citizenship scholarship award
  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic international students mobility award
  • Mayfair hall upgrading basic education bursary scholarship award
  • Saskatchewan Polytechnic outstanding citizenship scholarship award
  • Saskatoon campus basic education business scholarship awards


All these are 1-2 years scholarships awarded to domestic and international students who are eager to join Saskatchewan polytechnic for an applied science research-based program and many other programs.

Eligibility criteria of Saskatchewan polytechnic scholarship awards.

Here are the eligibility criteria or students who wish to apply for the Saskatchewan polytechnic scholarship awards.

  • Students must first receive and offer admission and must be admitted into any program at any campus of the Saskatchewan polytechnic. The campus could be. The Moose campus, the  Prince Albert campus, the Regina, campus, or the Saskatoon campus before being eligible to apply for Saskatchewan polytechnic scholarship awards
  • student should acquire 70% excellent grades
  • Candidate needs a minimum of 3.0 CGPA
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Candidate must proficient in the use of English


Saskatchewan Polytechnic Canada Acceptance rate

The acceptance rate is very with about a 96%chance of being admitted as there is little or no competition at the Saskatchewan polytechnic institute

Not quite a good number of student domestic and international students apply to the Saskatchewan polytechnic early. The acceptance rate for international students is high and not based on the course faculty allocation and program of study. Students who meet the program requirement have a 96% chance of being admitted to the desired program of their choice.

How to apply and the mode of application For Saskatchewan Polytechnic Canada

The Saskatchewan polytechnic application is done online via the internet, and a full guide on how to apply can be found on the official website.  The information you find on the official school website is more accurate than anyone could find anywhere on the internet



This article provides you with the best information you need to know about the Saskatchewan polytechnic in Canada. While you are eager to achieve your study, the Saskatchewan polytechnic will also invest in you if you are hardworking with Scholarships, awards, and bursaries. Which are a great way to provide students with additional financial support to pursue their education to their desired stage. This will also help one widen their network and enhance their work resume by demonstrating hard work and dedication to studies.

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