List Of Universities In Canada Without Application Fee 2024

Many students might be searching for universities in Canada that don’t pay application fees and in this process, they might fall into a wrong hands like fraudsters, but not to worry because in today’s article, we will be talking about a list of universities in Canada without application fees.

The Canadian government has made education so easy and simple for another around the world to be able to study without stress or struggle. Students that are privileged to study in Canada as so happy because they are the best in the educational section and they are one of the best universities in the world.

List Of Universities In Canada Without Application Fee

Canadian universities are one of the favorites among youths, and students (undergraduate, graduate, and other professional degree holders), the Canadian government has made education easy for all with more teaching skills and research which is why they are the best and most popular universities in the world. Here are the lists of universities without application fees in Canada:

  • Tyndale university
  • Quest university
  • Booth university college
  • University of British Columbia
  • University of Alberta
  • Royal roads university.

Tyndale University

Tyndale university’s mission in 1894 was to provide Christian higher education in the service of the church, these people became trained Christian leaders they continue with their mission school until June 2003 when the legislature of Ontario passed a bill of law to them to change their name to Tyndale university college and missionary, this law also gave Tyndale to offer a bachelor of arts and bachelor of arts (honors) to humanities, since this day the university stated given out scholarships to those who meet up with their requirements.

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Since 2003 till date Tyndale university has been giving out its best with it comes to educational aspects, students who are undergraduate, graduate, master’s degree holders, and so on can be admitted into this school. Canadian students and the U.S. are the only ones that are not charged application fees.

Quest University

Quest University was founded in September 2007 as a private institution with an inaugural of 73 classes, they have five educational division which includes Arts and Humanities, Mathematics, physical sciences, social science, and life science. it is located in British Columbia in Canada.

The population of students is over 600 only and the offer of no application fee is for both domestic and international students who are only studying the course of Bachelor of Arts and Science at the university.

Booth university college

The Booth University college has been established in 1982 as Carterine booth bible college and was renamed in 1997 salvation army Williams and catering booth university college is located in downtown, Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada, and on June 17, 2010, officially became Booth University Colege.

Their educational section is divided into four segments namely: Social science, humanities, the school for continued studies, and professional studies. Only Canadian students and U.S. that will not be charged for the application fees.

University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia was established in 1908, it is a public research university and its campus is near Vancouver and also in Kelowna, University of British Columbia is British Columbia’s oldest university and they are ranked among the top universities in Canada.

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This university is known not to charge any application fee for both domestic and international students who applied for a graduate degree in the Department of chemistry.

University Of Alberta

The University of Alberta which is also known as the U of A was established in 1908 and is located in Edmonton, Alberta. This university is one of the biggest universities in Canada and they are known for the excellent academic research which they offer to its students.

The U of A does not charge application fees for international students who have applied for a graduate degree and the international student must come from one of the united Nations’ lists of developed countries.

Royal Roads University

The royal roads university was established in 1995 by the British Columbia government as a public university with an applied and professional granted focus, they offer students applied and professional programs for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree levels, this university admits only students that are willing and determine to learn and stay focus.

This Canadian university is known not to charge application fees from both domestic and international candidates who want to apply for undergraduate and graduate degree programs.


In conclusion, we are able to discuss the list of universities in Canada without application fees which are for both international and domestic candidates. Make sure you compare the universities before choosing the one you want to apply for, check their eligibility, their requirements what you need to do before applying for this university. Thanks to the Canadian government which has made higher education easy for us all.

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Thank you for reading, you can drop your inquiries or questions in the comment section we will be attending to them all.